Presented by Linda V. Nitsche and

Erin Van Guilder

PETE&C February 2013

Monday, February 11 10:15-11:15

Magnolia C/D

Information Fluency is a critical skill for both our teachers and our students. Discover how content curation can help reduce information overload by processing web content in new ways. Learn what curation is, how to get started with curation, the top tools to use for content curation, and the benefits for both students and educators.

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I would love for this wiki to be a resource for all participants after the conference is finished. Please feel free to add and share any resources that you feel will be valuable to our conversation on any of these wiki pages:
  • Participant Notes: Please feel free to post your notes here on the wiki so that we can all benefit from your thinking
  • Resources: A list of helpful resources for embracing creativity and innovation in your professional practice

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